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We specialize in biofuel and banking services, offering pump and ATM installations, and collaborating with multinationals to serve urban and rural India.

FSRD Fuels Pvt. Marketing of BIO FUEL
Marketing of BIO FUEL

Market expansion of biofuels has the power to drive down prices at the pump. You can be a part of us by starting bio-fuel pump dealership in India and operate your own bio-fuel station.

FSRD Fuels Pvt. Construction, installation of Oil pump
Construction, installation of Oil pump

We Organize a construction team with strong technical strength and experienced installation, and conduct a technical and safety plan before construction. The materials and tools used for construction, such as channel steel, horn, pipeline, gate valve, bolt, reverse chain, electric welder, etc., are prepared and transported to the pump house.

FSRD Fuels Pvt. Supply of bio fuels
Supply of bio fuels

Our Biofuels business is a top leader in the sourcing, transportation, storage, trading and supply of bio-fuel, renewable diesel and renewable fuel feedstock.

FSRD Fuels Pvt. Installation and maintenance of ATM Machine
Installation and maintenance of ATM Machine

We Provide ATM installation services, involves buying an ATM, securing the ATM at its location, installing security around the ATM and inputting the several different codes needed for it to run. We also provide routine support, cash maintaining, replacement and restocking of consumables such as paper and ink, and solving minor problems such as jams from currency, cards or paper etc.